Yoga Retreat to Peru

Come with us to Peru to visit the ​Sacred Valley at a Yoga retreat Center, explore Machu-Picchu and the Amazon!

June 3rd- June 15th 2018​

Journey to the Sacred Valley of Peru and the Amazon with Allie and Uma- Always ready to nurture and love!        

June 3rd – June 15th 2018

Together, Allie and Uma will lovingly steward you through this sacred journey of yoga, exploration into the magic and mysteries of this ancient healing land and the depths of your soul. Each day is a new adventure. With each sacred site, ceremony, wisdom sharing or healing session, we masterfully weave a sacred experience that builds and expands your awareness of the potent wisdom held within the chalice of your sacred heart.

Lima, Cusco, Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu

Imagine waking up in the beautiful mountains of Peru at the Sacha Munay Yoga retreat in the Sacred Valley Experiencing life changing transformations as you enjoy 2 or 3 classes of yoga each day in a room of glass overlooking the magical land of Peru, participating in sacred ceremonies, receiving blessings from a Shaman, Temazcal rituals, meditations in holy sites, the Ruins of Ollantaytambo and Pisac and sunrise tour of Machu Picchu and the most beautiful sacred scenery that PachaMama has to offer. Awakening your inner guru as you explore the energy of this healing land. You only live once! Carpe Diem…Seize the Day!

The Amazon

Imagine staying at the Eco-Lodge at the heart of the rainforest…conserving it for the future. Seeing the untouched, unspoiled Amazon rainforest habitat, filled with endemic flora and fauna, birds, and exotic wildlife. Waking up to hear the jungle sounds of nature.

Retreat is $4.400 not including the airfare. We have group tickets with Delta. ❤️

To get more information you can call or visit  website. Allie (706)474-1242

We have 4 spots left!❤️
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