Book a private session with Allie

$80 for a 60 minute session

Choose your style of Yoga. This includes essential oils and herbal tea and a cookie

$100 for a 90 minute session

Go deep into your practice with yoga style of choice and enjoy essential oils and herbal tea and cookie

"Allie is one of my favorite yoga teachers.  Her Thai Yoga Massage is a unique and effective massage.  I love how she uses her body to push mine into deeper stretches allowing me to experience better flexibility.  It is another level of yoga that releases muscle tension, stretches my whole body and leaves me feeling quite peaceful.  I think it will be a great practice to keep me more flexible and injury free."


Restorative Yoga session with Allie

$150 for an 90 minutes. 

This experience is better than going to a spa. Let the body rest and heal with Restorative Yin Yoga. You will be taken care of so you can take care of yourself.

This is a great gift for a friend who is going through a hard time emotionally or physically.

"Allie’s Thai Yoga Massage is truly amazing, and I believe this practice will help me become pain free!  In her gentle and loving way, Allie is able to use her body in harmony with mine in order to release tight muscles and provide greater flexibility.  I am thrilled that she’s offering this practice."

Book a Thai Yoga Body Session with Allie

$150 for an Hour and a Half session

$190 for a Two Hour session

Thai Yoga Bodywork with Allie Bourgeois -Certified Therapist
Movement and Massage Makes for a Unique Experience
A slow dance--that's how many have described the ancient work known as Thai Yoga Bodywork , a modality that incorporates the tenets of yoga with massage and mindfulness. Accessible for just about everyone, Thai Yoga Bodywork relies on the partnership between client and practitioner to facilitate therapeutic movement.
Communication is Key
As with any form of massage or bodywork, it's paramount that Thai Yoga Bodywork   clients communicate with their therapists throughout the session. Is the massage pressure too deep? Does the stretch no longer feel good? Is the room too hot? Be sure to let the therapist know if something is not quite right so he or she can deliver the best, most therapeutic work possible and you can experience the full benefits of your Thai Yoga Bodywork session.
Young or old, healthy or frail, Thai Yoga Bodywork offers something for everyone. Whether you're a weekend warrior needing to work out the aches and pains of excess, or a retiree needing to awaken and invigorate an aging body through movement and stretching, the therapeutic nature of Thai Yoga Bodywork  can address your needs.
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​"I have enjoyed the benefits of a Thai massage for some years now and I’ve especially valued the additional stretching and body manipulation that such a massage provides over a simple deep tissue massage.  So when Allie told me that she was now certified to provide Thai Yoga Bodywork I decided to give it a try and I’m glad that I did.
I found Allie to be more aware of what my body needed, where it needed to be stretched and where it needed to be pampered.  The gentle stretching and massage, (fully clothed by the way), was a cross between a good yoga class and a nice easy massage.  Allie’s empathy and caring for her client’s well being makes Thai Yoga Bodywork a MUST DO for anyone interested in health, well being and suppleness."